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注意事項を見る -



Important Points Regarding Proposals

While the content of submitted proposals remains the intellectual property of the applicant, the content of submitted materials and conversations on the day of the Challenge will be treated as public information.
Unless applicants take the necessary steps to protect their rights, such as applying for patents in advance, they will not be able to receive protection for this content as their intellectual property.
It is the responsibility of applicants to take steps, at their own expense, to protect their rights for their inventions, know-how and other trade secrets, which include applying for patents or concluding NDAs with companies concerned.
Applicants will pledge to the ILS Executive Office and the companies concerned that the content of the proposals they submit do not violate the rights of any third party.


① 応募〆切:9月27日(金)AM 11:59


② 選出企業の発表 10月3日(木)


③ ニコンブースで貴社の解決策や製品を披露する展示スペースとピッチコンテスト出場 10月29日



1. Application Deadline: 11:59 A.M., Friday, September 27

Click on the “Apply” button below to begin the application process. We will consider your application after confirming its content and your company’s profile information.

2. Announcement of Selection: Thursday, October 3

Nikon will notify you whether you have been selected for the ILS Challenge with Nikon.

3. Exhibition Space at Nikon Booth to Introduce Your Company’s Products & Solutions and Appearance in Pitch Contest: Tuesday, October 29

You will be provided with an exhibition space at the Nikon Booth, located inside the ILS venue on October 29, and the opportunity to participate in a pitch contest, enabling you to introduce your company’s products and solutions. You will also be provided the opportunity to interact with a large number of VCs, investors and Nikon partners at the Nikon Networking Session.

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